About Us

The Flurex Tech Limited is a foremost company in coding business in Nigeria for the past decades.
The company popularized on-line ink jet coding in Nigeria with the aggressive marketing and technical support of Willett Coding Machine and the Videojet Coding Machines. Flurex has become a household name in the manufacturing sector of the Nigeria economy.

In recent times more and more companies have opted for coding solution, thereby transferring the challenges and the technicalities of coding to an independent service provider. In this regard, Flurex Tech Limited has filled the need, bringing production down time to Zero.
A sterling example is the operation with Factories where production down-time has been brought to Zero and giving the whole operations uptime peace of mind.

Our vision is to grow to an enviable status of conglomerate, impacting positively to the Nigeria economy and giving the staff a sense of belonging at all levels.

To provide satisfactory service to our customers in all spheres of our businesses.